About Us

Consolidated Africa Services - Private Voluntary Organization (CAS - PVO) is an independent body registered under Zimbabwe’s PVO Act [17:05].

Our programmes, initiatives and ventures are guided by the Holistic Health Model, borrowed from the early Gestalt School of Psychology which states that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. This model is based on the unity of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual existence. It focuses on the interaction between an individual and their environment and how it cements the connection between body, spirit and the mind. Essentially, we are not whole without our environment and the environment needs us for its sustainability. This framework is what directs and tailors the different initiatives, interventions, events and services we offer as a CAS-PVO for our various stakeholders.

 Our main focus is on environmental conservation, mental health awareness and promotion of entrepreneurship development among women and youth. These three priorities are exactly how we, as an organisation truly believe we can make an authentic and valuable contribution to our community’s well-being.

We are a small team that thrives on loyalty, trust and commitment. Through these values, we can fulfil and achieve our biggest philosophy which is very clear – everything that we do must be for the third parties. The country, the corporates and the community. We believe that by combining these three elements for the common good, we can change the narrative of our nation, Zimbabwe. Our passion to see our country thrive and fulfil the year 2030 vision is exactly what motivates us to do what we do. By embodying the first two years of the next ten, today and being steps ahead into the future.

Meet The Team

Ed Home
Nick Holme
Annamarie Nasasara
Munyaradzi Majoni
Angela Mandivenga
Rutendo Chahweta
Paul Nobes

I firmly believe in the innate ability within humanity to do good. We all have the answers we so desperately seek somewhere within us. We owe it to each other to facilitate the uncovering of those answers in positive, healing ways. As a psychologist and entrepreneur, I have come to appreciate the many ways in which one can reach out to people to achieve this shared consciousness that leads to bringing out the best in other people. Our CAS (PVO) focus areas are around mental health awareness and initiatives; as well as leveraging on the healing power of nature on our mental and emotional state, environmental conservation, as well as resilience training with our partners – Worldmaker International.

Our main aim is to simplify mental health interventions into basic self-care units that can be utilized and consumed by people in Zimbabwe and across the world. Zimbabwe has a population of over 15 million, with less than 30 Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists combined to treat the whole population. The mental health treatment gap is quite huge because of the limited accessibility to treatment, and the stigma that still surrounds mental health issues in Zimbabwe and across the region. Through our work, we seek to empower people with basic knowledge and skills to be able to effectively implement self-care and slowly break down the stigma through relatable and decentralized care.

Thembile Gola

Clinical & Operations Director

Consolidated Africa Services (Private Voluntary Organization)